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When you install vehicle wraps on your company vehicles you will transform your car into a traveling billboard advertising that increases the exposure for your business everywhere it goes. You can advertise your business every minute of every day, seven days a week. We are Kranken SignsVehicle Wraps Boston MA

Kranken Signs Vehicle Wraps

Boston MA Vehicle Wraps

We have over fifteen years of experience in designing and installing quality vehicle wraps, Kranken Signs Vehicle Wraps is one of America’s leaders. We employ trained professionals with years of experience in Vinyl Graphic Vehicle Lettering, Decals and Vehicle Wraps. If you need a single vehicle or full fleet we can do it all. Vehicle wraps are a highly specialized product. A product that takes skill and experience to do correctly. We are experts in vehicle wraps, and pride ourselves on our top-quality work, with no surprises just the best wraps and installation available in the market today. Kranken Signs “We wrap Boston”! We offer advertising wraps for cars, trucks, van wraps and even food truckwraps and beautifulfood truck wrap design.
The success of your brand does not come easy. You can extend your off-premise branding strategy with vehicle wrap graphics, custom crafted specifically for your company and brand. Your sales force carries business cards outside of your business location, so why not communicate the presence of your organization, what you do, your location, your contact information, and do it ALL OVER Boston MA. The National Interstate highways have hundreds of thousands in traffic counts, so your vehicle will be seen all day so why not advertise? When a company is paying to have your vehicles off-site, so it’s just smart to advertise at the same time. Consider the number of impressions your vinyl car wraps canget every day then consider the cost per impression and you will find that vehicle wrap graphics advertising is THE single most cost- effective advertising you will ever buy. More potential customers and clients in more locations will see and identify with your brand. Call us today for a car wrap advertising today.

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Vehicle Wraps Boston MA and Truck Side Advertising Services

If you are considering an advertising campaign using vehicle wraps, consider this: We are the only company to offer design, print, and top-notch installation with a one-year warranty.
We offer Vinyl Wraps for Trucks, aircraft, boats and more. Feel free to call (617) 391-7302 for a free consultation.
Custom Vinyl Wraps range in price from $1500-$5000 depending on vehicle size and style and complexity.
Again, Vehicle Wrap Advertising offers the best value of advertising you can buy. No other mode of advertising can compare dollar-for-dollar. It’s not an expense it’s an INVESTMENT!

We Offer:

  • AdvertisingVehicle Wraps
  • Body Wraps For All Types of Vehicles
  • Vending Machine and IceBox Wraps
  • Retail Window Wraps and Graphics
  • Food Truck Wraps
  • Tradeshow Graphics and Displays
  • Retractable Banner Stands
  • Flag Banners Feather Banners
  • We Offer Logo Design and Branding
Q. What is a vehicle wrap?
Imagine your car sealed inside a vinyl cocoon that hugs every curve so tightly, that you’d swear it was made of the same stuff. Vehicle wraps graphics is essentially just that you can’t tell where the vinyl wrap begins and the car wrap ends! A vinyl graphic or car decal is applied directly over your cars finish, creating the coolest transformer ever your car or fleet, into your mobile business advertisement.
Q. What is the process for designing my vehicle advertising wrap?
First, we take accurate measurements of your vehicle. Next comes the graphic design. This will define your brand for years to come. Your car wrap will make your brand’s first impression for many of your new customers. The vinyl graphic is then printed and laminated to protect it from elemental wear and tear. The vinyl wrap is then applied to your vehicle by our expert vehicle wrap team.
Q. What’s the difference between a full and partial vehicle wrap?
We like to be flexible and budget-friendly. Vehicle wraps can range from full (bumper to bumper), to as little as a window, and everywhere in between.
Q. How long will my car decal stay on?
Not to toot our own horn, but our vehicle graphics and wraps are pretty fantastic. The vinyl wrap material we offer is extremely durable and resistant to harsh elements. A typical installation can last over five years. We recommend replacing your vinyl graphic after 5 years to ensure easier removal.
Q. Will a vinyl car wrap damage my car’s paint?
During its time in service, the vehicle wrap does no damage whatsoever. In fact, the car decal acts as a protective skin over your vehicle’s original finish, extending its life.
Q. Do I need to bring my car in prior to vehicle wrap installation?
Sometimes YES! We like to keep things personal. Specific measurements of your vehicle, as well as photographs, help our designers to create the perfect vinyl car graphic.
Q. My car looks clean enough. Do I have to wash it beforehand?
Although you may not be sporting “wash me” signs, a thorough cleansing helps to remove any dirt, wax, oil, and other substances that may prevent the vinyl car wrap from adhering. We do require that your car be clean and wax free.
Q. Ok, I’m sold! How long will all of this take?
You may be anxious to get your vehicle wrap on (we don’t blame you!), and to do it correctly we need some time. Time for measurements are finalized, a design is created with your approval and the production team green lights the design mechanics. Once everything is good to go, it may take 7-10 days before installation of your vinyl wrap is set up; the vinyl installation can take up to 2-3 days. We will provide you with all details ahead of time so you can prepare.
Q. How do I keep my wrap looking so awesome?
Those automatic car washes may be tempting, but high-pressure water should be avoided. Use a mild detergent and hand wash as much as possible. Or pay your neighbor’s kid to do it while you admire how cool your vinyl graphic looks. In the winter, ice scrapers should never be used on window graphics. Ask us for further details on special products to help keep your graphic shiny and new.
Q. Once my car decal is on, can part of the vinyl wrap be changed?
Yes, but only if you use the magic word! Our wraps are designed with our clients needs in mind. Change happens, so we make our vinyl graphics easily removable, allowing sections, or the entire vehicle wrap, to be replaced as needed. Do your hours of operation change seasonally? Do you change your number once a month because that weird guy keeps calling? No problem! If you anticipate any changes in the near future, we can design your vehicle wrap so that the temporary section is more easily removed, saving you time and money. Like we said, we keep your needs in mind!

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Q. OK, advertising is important. Why is a vehicle wrap so special?
Let’s break it down. The cost of an advertising as car wrap solutions is less than the cost of one billboard in a high traffic area. Your vehicle wrap passes the eager eyes of thousands of people, all possible consumers. Our vehicle graphics are high quality, changeable, and, with your vehicle’s help, mobile.
Polls show that 90% of travelers will notice your car wrap. 75% of consumers will form an impression based on that car wrap. 30% of consumers base their buying habits on a company’s fleet graphics.
You OWN your car or fleet decal! No renting a billboard or paying for frequent newspaper/magazine ads. In most cases, permits for vehicle wrap advertising are not required. Not to mention, vehicle vinyl graphics last for years. That’s a lot for just one payment!
Q. A vinyl car wrap lasts for years, but paint can last forever. Why should I consider this over a simple paint job?
Vinyl graphics are digitally printed, giving you way more possibilities. If small changes need to be made, changing up the relevant bit of vinyl is way easier than re-painting. Vinyl graphics actually protect your paint! And when you’re done, we simply remove it, revealing the original paint beneath, as good as new.
Q. What is the best base color for wrapping a car?
Black is the choice among most professionals, simply because it meshes so well with graphics if they don’t cover the entire car. If your vehicle is another color, our graphic designers keep it in mind when creating your vehicle wrap graphic. This will help eliminate disjointedness, so the entire vehicle wrap and your car will work together as one piece and show your brand at it’s best.
Q. Is it possible to vinyl wrap a primed vehicle?
Our number one goal is to watch our customers ride off into the sunset happy, their vehicle wrap gleaming and ready to kick butt. This said, our professionals would need to test the surface of the primed vehicle prior to accepting the job. If the surface does not bond well with the vinyl graphic, it would need to be sanded or painted before installation.
Q. This sounds great! But just in case do you guarantee your vinyl wraps?
Although car decals can last 5+ years, we offer a full warranty for up to three years of worry-free advertising with a beautiful vinyl vehicle wrap.
Q. Are your vinyl car decals laminated?
Yes! With one exception windows, because those parts are wrapped with perforated window vinyl and to laminate window perf would decrease your ability to see. Otherwise, our vinyl wraps are laminated, protecting your car wrap from scuffing/elemental wear & tear, and making washing much easier. (Remember, no pressure washing!)
Q. Do you guys pay people to drive fleet wrap advertisements around? If so, sign me up!
Although that sounds like a pretty great gig, we unfortunately cannot hook up drivers and advertisers. Our business consists of producing and installing high-quality vinyl wraps for businesses that wish to advertise.
Q. I’m feeling really ambitious right now! Can you vinyl wrap stuff other than my vehicle?
Is it a surface? Then we’re feeling ambitious too! We’ve wrapped buildings, storefronts, tabletops, walls, floors and elevators pretty much anything that we can get our hands (and our vinyl wraps) on.
Q. When it’s time for the vehicle wrap installation, where do I go?
You simply drop your vehicle off with us, where our professionals will handle everything. If our location is too far away, no worries our vinyl graphic installers can in some cases travel to you!

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