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By installing vehicle wraps on your company vehicles turn your company vehicle into a roving billboard vehicle wrap advertising provides advertising exposure for your business everywhere it goes every minute of every day.

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With over a decade of experience designing, printing and installing vehicle wraps, Kranken Signs is one of the Carolina’s vehicle wrap leaders. We are experienced professionals in Vinyl Graphic Vehicle LetteringAutomotive Decals and Vehicle Wrap Advertising. Whether you need a single vehicle wrap or vehicle wraps for a full fleet. We understand that vehicle wraps are a very specialized medium. This mode of advertising takes skill and experience to do it right. We are experts in vehicle wraps, and we take pride of our top-quality work. No surprises just the best wraps and installation available in the Columbia SC market.

The success of your brand and advertising does not always come easy. You can expand your off-premise advertising strategy with Vehicle Wrap Advertising, it’s custom-crafted and specialized specifically for your company. Your sales force hands out business cards when they are outside of your business location, so why not advertise your business, what services and products you offer, where you are located, your contact telephone number, and then you can do this ALL OVER Columbia SC area as you drive about making deliveries and calling on customers. Our Interstate roads and byways have hundreds of thousands in traffic counts. Your company’s vehicle is seen all day long, so why not advertise on it? If you are paying to have your vehicles off-site, it’s very inexpensive to advertise at the same time. The number of impressions your vehicle will receive, the cost is undoubtedly the most effective advertising you can ever buy. More people in more locations throughout Columbia SC will see and identify with your company logo, services, product and brand.

Columbia SC Worry Free Vehicle Wraps!

As a business owner you need to make sure every that vehicle in your fleet is advertising your image, your unique message. Kranken Signs Vehicle Wraps are custom-designed and carefully crafted to make your vehicles colorful, engaging, informative advertising as they drive down the streets of your community. Kranken Signs‘ designers are unmatched in their graphic ability and application of vehicle wraps materials. Call us today to learn about how we can transform your car, truck, van, box truck or fleet into mobile advertising billboards. Now is the time to put this cutting-edge branding tool to work for you.

Vehicle Wraps and Advertising Display Products and Services

Please do not consider a do It Yourself Vehicle Wrap. At Kranken Signs Vehicle Wraps we offer design, state-of-the-art printing, and certified installations with a one-year warranty.

We offer Vinyl Wraps for all types of vans, cars, jeeps, trailers, box trucks, food trucks and so much more. Please call us for Van and Truck Wrap Pricing. The cost of Vehicle Wraps can vary widely due to size and the complexity of body styles such as bumpers, body channels and windows.

Our custom Vinyl Wraps can range in price from $1200-$5500 depending on vehicle size and vehicle style and vehicle body complexity.

Vehicle Side Advertising is absolutely the single best value in advertising you can buy. No other mode of advertising can compare. It’s not an expense its an investment!

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Vehicle wraps have been around long enough to prove unequivocally: vehicle advertising is THE SINGLE best advertising you can do. It’s proven that outdoor mobile media have a 97% recall rate and 96% of survey responders say that mobile advertising is more effective than other outdoor modes of advertising. The American Trucking Association has reported that over 90% of people surveyed, reported that the message on vehicle advertising was effective. The Traffic Audit Bureau has suggested that on local routes, monthly impressions can range from one to four millions hits. These numbers are solid and proven. An additional study specifically on vehicle advertising from the Product Acceptance and Researchers reported that 94% of survey respondents recalled seeing and noticing vehicle wraps and with 80% recalling a specific advertisement. The study reported vehicle wrap advertisements result in sales increases of over 105%.

So you’re convinced! Vehicle Wraps and advertising on your vehicle is less expensive than you probably know. Contact us and we’ll explain to you how a well-designed and well executed vinyl wrap can pay for itself within months or even weeks. In a city the size of Columbia SC your vehicle wrap can make thousands of impressions every single day as you go about your daily excursions. As time goes on those impressions multiply and your logo and your brand becomes ingrained into the minds of potential local buyers, as your vehicle wrap makes an impression. Vehicle wrap advertising is comparatively inexpensive advertising when amortized over the life of your vehicle. It makes so many more impressions over time than any other form of advertising nothing else can compare.

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