Custom Interior Signs and Wall Graphics in Charlotte NC

Wall Murals, Wall Graphics, and Digitally Printed Wallpaper

Do you own a restaurant retail store in Charlotte NC or Rock Hill SC? Are you looking for an easy way to change the atmosphere of your establishment with graphics? Painting can be expensive and in time, you will need to repaint again! Why not stop and consider wall graphics, wall murals or digital wallpaper for your establishment, retail store or restaurant? This type of interior signage can even boost morale for your employees in an office setting.

Using our 64″ large format printer, we are able to print full color images and graphics on heavy-duty adhesive vinyl. You can count on Kranken Signs expert installers for warranted installation. Our installation guarantees that your wall mural will never fade or peel. Your wall graphics will stay in place for as long as needed, up to 5 years or more.

The Best Uses

Retail – You can use wall murals and graphics to make your retail space very inviting. You can print your product images, your logo, print brand names and even save space with department wall graphics that reveal where the girl’s, boy’s or women’s clothing departments are within your shop. You can add high-fashion custom wallpaper just full of digital images of the many brands you sell. Think of adding fun designs and graphics if you cater to kids or infants. You can brand your establishment with logos, graphics and slogans.

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Take down those cheesy pictures and instead make use of that wall space that you have. If you own a specific cuisine restaurant such as Italian or French, digitally printed custom wallpaper showing the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa are more appealing and add ambience to your restaurant. If your eatery is geared towards children and / or families, fun graphics, some cartoon images and bright colors are a must-do if you want to keep visitors enticed. We can also create wall murals that change the setting. As an example, your walls can look like bricks, wood or even stone. The possibilities are limitless!


Brighten up that atmosphere in your break rooms and your conference area. We can embed your logo, slogans and graphics of the products or services your employees sell or use every day. Wall graphics in your cafeterias or child-care centers. Also keep in mind using our talented graphic designers and large format printers, we can design almost anything including photographic images.

Service Centers

From franchises to auto dealerships we can suggest and direct your customers to the right location. You can also display your logo and help brand your business each and every time they are seen.

Sell your message with color and make inviting wall murals, graphics and custom wallpaper!