Please Read Our Terms and Conditions

Materials used to personalize products ultimately have value that is exclusive to you, our customer, the end user. Due to the nature of our advertising vehicle wrap product ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Additionally, due to intrinsic material costs and labor for design time and installation and mechanical set-ups and graphical impositions. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

After your deposit is tendered we will use the same credit card when the project is complete unless OTHER ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE. When your vehicle wrap installation is complete, your vehicle will be released to you when the balance is paid in full. We cannot release your vehicle to you if the balance has not been paid in full. Please know, WE GUARANTEE YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION. Your vehicle wrap will match the rendering that you approved or we will make any and all necessary modifications. In the event modifications are needed, we will keep your vehicle under our care and make the modifications and you may pay the final balance when the modifications are complete. If your situation requires that you need your vehicle or if you wish to schedule your modifications for a future date, your final balance must be paid before you leave.

IMPORTANT TERMS AND CONDITIONS LEGAL RIGHTS TO OUR WORK ARE RETAINED BY US. In engaging us to create, design and / or produce your project, you have agreed with the terms and conditions herein and agree to pay a 1.5% finance charge per month on any unpaid balance after (30) thirty days as well as ANY fees incurred should we have to secure an attorney or collection firm to gain fees due to us on your account. Usage rights for any/all/or part of our creative work, images (whether created as original or manipulated), illustrations, concepts, text/copy, photos, etc. are contingent upon payment in full and is subject to terms and conditions unless otherwise specified in writing. GRANTING OF USAGE RIGHTS OF OUR ART, IMAGES, PHOTOS, CONCEPTS, VERBIAGE, ETC. IS CONTINGENT UPON PAYMENT AND IS SUBJECT TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS HEREIN. FULL PAYMENT IS REQUIRED BEFORE RIGHT OF USAGE, COPYRIGHT TRANSFER, ASSIGNMENT OF OWNERSHIP TO ANOTHER PARTY OR ENTITY WILL BE AUTHORIZED. BY PAYING THIS INVOICE, YOU FULLY COMPLY AND UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE BUYING THE LICENSING RIGHTS TO USE OUR CREATIVE AND THAT OWNERSHIP IS RETAINED BY KRANKEN SIGNS. UNAUTHORIZED USE OF ART – IN ENTIRETY OR IN PART, AS PRIMARY, SECONDARY, OR OTHER SEQUENTIAL USE, OR ANY FUTURE UNAUTHORIZED USE; AS WELL AS USE, MANIPULATION, ALTERATION, OR COPYING IN WHOLE OR IN PART BY THIRD PARTY VENDORS WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT FROM KRANKEN SIGNS IS A DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OUTLINED HEREIN AND IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. ANY VIOLATION OF THE AFOREMENTIONED TERMS AND CONDITIONS WILL BE SUBJECT TO LEGAL ACTION. ALL OF OUR CREATIVE (BOTH CONCEPTUAL AND TANGIBLE) IS FULLY PROTECTED BY INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT LAW. NOTE: Digital files are made available selectively and are included only on identity systems or other such projects where deemed necessary by the sole discretion of Kranken Signs Vehicle Wraps. Native, original files and ALL electronic/digital files remain the sole property of Kranken Signs Vehicle Wraps as these contain our proprietary design “recipes.” Kranken Signs Vehicle Wraps retains all rights and ownership of digital files for logos, page-layout, sign design and art. There is a $48 minimum retrieval charge to locate and transfer files via email FTP or Dropbox.

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