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Signs and Visual Advertising is a premier manufacturer of EPS Foam Core Signs and Visual Advertising Products. The versatility of EPS Foam (Expanded Polystyrene) invites creativity in design and expanded applications that have been limited in the past with traditional building materials.If you pride yourself in “thinking outside of the box” and having the ability to separate yourself from your competition, then EPS Foam Products are an ideal base material to build upon.

We are able to incorporate several combinations of traditional sign materials into your designs to produce exciting visual displays that capture the attention of potential customers. 3-D Elements and Architectural Accents create that added dimension that you are looking for. We can add these enhancements to any form or style of traditional signage. Remember we also offer Charlotte Banners.

Traditional Foam Core Monument Signs

Traditional Foam Core Monument Signs - signs visual advertising Foam Core Monument Signs are a smart choice because they provide unsurpassed durability in a lightweight structure and are easy to install. By combining our experience in the construction industry with our graphic design talents, we can develop the perfect sign solution for both commercial and residential applications.Not all signs are created equal. Our custom EPS Foam Core monuments are designed to meet any need and fabricated to handle even the harshest climates. Unlike many sign fabricators, we use only 1.5 lb, higher density expanded polystyrene with our unique “Armor Core” hard coat protective base coat. This semi-pliable high build coating completely encapsulates the structure and offers superior impact resistance. The resulting structure is resistant to rot, insects and moisture and will not rust or peel. Finished textures are then applied and painted to complete the sign.

EPS Wall Displays and Block Letters

EPS Wall Displays and Block Letters - signs visual advertising EPS offers an economical, light weight alterna ve to HDU
(High Density Urethane), metal or wood for large wall signs. EPS can be routed with raised 3-D features, sculpted to enhance graphics or special effects, laminated to rigid backer materials for moun ng and can be fabricated in one piece for oversized signs.Other applications for EPS include replacement sign faces, block letters, tenant directory signs, marquees, large wall displays and logo or trademark displays.

HDU Routed Signs

HDU Routed Signs HDU (High Density Urethane) is an ideal alternate to wood. HDU is a rigid foam board that is available in various densities. Unlike EPS, it is a much higher density and contains less air. Unlike wood, HDU will not split, warp or rot. Since HDU is a “closed cell” material, water cannot penetrate it even in its raw state, which makes it ideal for exterior applications even in the harshest climates.The advantage of HDU in wall signs and accents is the ability to route fine, three dimensional details in the sign face. Le ers and graphics can be engraved or raised. Fine smooth painted finishes are achievable as well. HDU can be used for Post and Panel signs, directional post mount signs, monument sign faces, block letters, plaques, medallions, logos and any application where smooth finishes and fine detail are required.

EPS Accent and Trim Packages and Sign Wraps

In tough economic times, many businesses are looking at options for their older existing signs. Many of these signs are still structurally sound, but are dated and in disrepair. This presents an interesting market for sign shops. Let us help you design an architectural facelift for older existing signs. Adding a header or base with architectural trim and moldings can renew that old sign for pennies on the dollar.EPS Accent and Trim Packages and Sign Wraps Sign Wraps
We have designed accent trim packages for existing monument signs, pylon signs and wall signs. We work with sign manufacturers and supply faux stone bases and architectural headers for the signs they fabricate. As a custom fabricator, we can supply individual components and accents for any type of sign you may deal with. We provide Signs and Banners Charlotte NC

3-D Visual Advertising Store Signs

3-D Visual Advertising Foam by Design specializes in 3-D Promotional Sculptures and Product Replicas. We have expertise in 3-D modeling and fabrication for any occasion.We utilize 3-D Laser Scanning, 2-D/3-D computer modeling, 3-D CNC Routing, and 3-D CNC Hot Wire technology to transform ideas, drawings, photos and 3-D computer files into scaled foam replicas for sign accents, trade show displays, promotional events and props for entertainment venues.

Automation can only do so much. We employ the best hand sculptors, maquette builders, coating experts and painters in the industry. Our State-of-the-Art signs charlotte equipment, knowledge and wealth of experience ensure that we are consistently recognized as an industry leader.

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