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Caring For Your New Vehicle Wrap

It’s not unusual for your vinyl graphics to require attention and general maintenance through the course of their life span. Kranken Signs uses only high quality materials for Vehicle Wrap care, and we make sure that we do the installation process right. However, it’s important for you to play a role in ensuring that your graphics last for years. The following tips will help you in your endeavor.

– Don’t attempt to add a cleaning solution to your vinyl wrap before you test said solution. Apply the cleaner on a small, easily hidden part of the graphic before you move forward. You can always have a look into some of Miracle Brands USA who have some great cleaning products that are vinyl friendly.

– When you wash your vinyl graphics, do so with a combination of clean water and mild car wash detergent.

– If you can’t avoid the use of a spray car wash, try to choose one with an operator who has control over the pressure of the water as it hits your car. Use caution and avoid exposure to the areas around door handles. Moldings, glass, and mirrors are also delicate parts of your car that you shouldn’t expose to a pressurized spray. When you need to clean the panels, use a rag or sponge. It’s important to be gentle with the graphics on your windows – this is especially true for perforated vinyl film.
Vehicle Wrap care

– Rinse the car with clean water after you wash it with a water and soap blend.

– You can dry the car off with a microfiber cloth, but it’s also possible to let the car air dry. Once the car is dry, a Teflon or silicone-based polish can be applied. Read the label to make sure that the polish is designed for vinyl vehicle graphics and follow all instructions.

– If you want to clear snow off the car, use a brush. It’s never a good idea to use a scraper – your car and the film could take damage.

– Is the film peeling back or lifting? Contact us to receive prompt and qualified care. Failure to contact us may result in irreversible harm. We won’t be able to fix the problem, and your warranty will no longer be valid.

– Never use carnauba-based wax on your vinyl graphics.

– You may feel tempted to roll down your windows, but this action is one to avoid if the windows have lettering or graphics on them.


– Only use this option when you have exhausted any other cleaning methods. When partaking in this brand of washing, keep the following in mind:

– If you use too much force while pressure washing, the vinyl graphics may peel away from the car or lift at the edges.

– The graphics on the car can lose their sheen when you use pressure washing. In addition, the graphics can crack, fade, and experience substrate chipping. The face film will degrade.

– Use extreme caution if you must partake in pressure washing. Aim the water from the spray at the edges of the graphic. The vinyl graphic may lift if you use sharp spray angles. Please remember that your limited warranty will be null and void if there is evidence that you did a pressure washing.

– Don’t use a turbo pressure nozzle when you pressure wash graphics on your vehicle.

Vehicle Wrap care

When a standard cleaning procedure doesn’t remove difficult debris such as bird droppings and bug splatter from your vinyl graphics, the following steps may help:

– Use a microfiber rag and Isopropyl Alcohol and spot clean the trouble area.

– Apply a citrus-based cleaner and naphtha to the problem areas using a rag.

– Rinse away the cleaner with water and soap immediately after application.

Drive your vehicle to Kranken Signs. We can take a look at the poor spots and develop a plan to get your graphics looking like new again.

Vehicle Wrap care
NOTE: Replacing window graphics is a relatively inexpensive task. You shouldn’t compromise your safety. Maximum visibility takes priority.

– Don’t turn on the rear windshield wiper if you can help it – the wiper may reduce visibility and scratch the laminate over time. Use a wet squeegee to clean sediment and grime from your rear window. Do this as often as possible to prevent problems.

– Don’t use your rear defroster. Doing so could damage the perforated, see-through window film.

– Don’t roll down windows with graphics on them too frequently.

– Don’t use an ice scraper on a window with perforated window film.

Vehicle Wrap care
The guidelines for extending the life span of your graphics are simple. Common sense takes priority – always work for maximum visibility.

There is a one year warranty for any vinyl applied to your windows. They can look great for years, but the graphics have a limited warranty.

The information above is based on our own experience and knowledge, along with relevant sources such as Avery and 3M. Please use common sense and care with your car wraps. If you have any doubts, give us a call. We want your vinyl wraps to last.

Vehicle Wrap care

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