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Frequently Asked Questions on Vehicle Wraps Charlotte NC

If you have any questions not reflected in our FAQ, please contact vehicle wraps Charlotte NC to speak to a representative. We are happy to talk to you about our service and what it can mean for your business.

Q. What is a vehicle wrap?

Vehicle wraps are full-color graphic images printed on 3M vinyl film, or a matte black vehicle wrap can be installed on a vehicle to provide dynamic and attention-grabbing advertising messages for businesses and organizations. They are used on all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, buses, RVs and nearly anything else that moves. From  a Flat Black Auto Wrap to advertising vehicle wraps, we do it all.

Q. Why use vehicle wraps and vinyl graphics?

This product provides businesses of any size the ability to use dramatic advertising imagery that works within their budget. Graphic wraps are available as full coverage or partial coverage depending on your requirements and budget. Because wraps apply to a moving vehicle, your advertising message canvases a broader area than a traditional billboard. The graphics are seen by the consumer in multiple locations and at varying times to reinforce the message your company offers with lasting effects.

When not in use or parked at business or residential areas, the vehicle’s advertising message takes the form of a standard billboard, but again with prime location for maximum visibility.

Q. What do vehicle wraps cost?

Vehicle wraps have a variable cost, but generally range between $800 and $3,200. Factors such as the type of vehicle, coverage amount, and installation complexity have an impact on the final cost. We work with our clients to find the most affordable solution for their needs and budget.

Q. How are wraps installed?

First, our graphic designer creates a strong visual message according to your specifications and based on the vehicle type and style. It is also possible for you to supply your own design and we will work with you to ensure that the graphics meet the requirements for installation. Next is the actual production of the graphics with printing onto high-quality 3M vinyl film using a special printer. With prints made, the vinyl is prepped for installation. Finally, the installation is scheduled and professionally installed at either our facility or your location, depending on the best method for that particular job and vehicle. A typical installation takes approximately 8 hours, again depending on vehicle type and size.

Q. Can the wrap be changed?

Of course. The wrap is designed for easy removal, and sections or the entire wrap can be replaced as needed. If there is a likelihood that changes in products or message may be likely, we can design a wrap that makes it easier in changing only one or two sections. The ability to make small or wholesale changes to the wrap allows you to keep the message current without exceeding the budget.

Q. Do trucks and trailers have special requirements?

Not really. The process is similar to the car wrap method, only on a larger scale. In fact, because of the size of trucks and trailers, they are especially ideal for the use of wraps to advertise a business. Imagine the number of trucks you see on the road when you are out and about. Now imagine just one of those larger vehicles carrying your message – now that is a traveling billboard!

For some trucks or trailers, there is the added option of using trailer skins, a non-adhesive vinyl sheet that slides into a frame on the sides and rear of the truck or trailer. Skins are ideal for these types of vehicles due to the ease of changing the message on a frequent basis. Typically these installations take approximately one hour, and can even be done onsite with your own installers.

Q. How long do the wraps last?

The vinyl wrap material that we offer is very durable and resistant to the elements. A typical installation can last 5 to even 10 years and can easily be removed when no longer needed or required. When removed, the wrap material does absolutely no damage to the paint or vehicle surface, and in fact acts as a protective skin over the original finish that extends its life.

Custom Personal Car Vinyl Wraps, Matte Black Car Wrap and Camo Vehicle Wrap: Not just for advertising!

Matte black wrap vehicle wraps Charlotte NC FAQs

If you are considering changing the look of your classic car or luxury vehicle, you’re probably aware that paint jobs can either devalue your investment significantly or, when done right, they can be quite costly. What you might not know is that a Flat Black Vinyl Wrap can be an easy and cost effective way to shake up your look while protecting the value of your car.

Even if you’re leasing, vehicle wraps are 100% removable. They act as a protective cover for your paint rather than damaging it. A vehicle wrap involves taking sheets of high quality vinyl and literally shrink wrapping them to the surface of your car. A professionally installed wrap will car wraps philaelphiatransform the look of your car, allowing you to achieve a matte black wrap, matte red or other custom paint color, all without devaluing the vehicle!

An increasingly popular look for personal vehicle wraps, for everything from Ford to Ferrari, is the black matte wrap. Black matte is unusual, contemporary, and just plain cool looking. Major wrap media providers, such as Oracal, have been improving the technology used to create matte black cast vinyl. The material is wide enough to avoid most of the seams on your vehicle so it looks even more like a paint job.

You will love the idea of a matte look, but you’re not thrilled about black? Colored matte wraps are less popular than basic black, but there are several of ways to achieve your very own matte rainbow. Just like black, some materials come simply as solid matte colors, such as red, green or blue. The other way of achieving your desired look is to start with a full color digital print and coat it with a matte laminate. That means an army green can be made into a matte army green.

Why choose a matte black or personal wrap:

Wraps for Cars cost less than a premium paint job
Vehicle wraps Protect OEM paint from the elements
Vehicle wraps are 100% removable
Vehicle wraps can last up to 5 years or more
Vehicle wraps Protect leased vehicles from road debris and sun bleaching
Vehicle wraps Maintain the value of your luxury or classic car
Choose matte black wraps or other custom colors
Our installations are a seamless finish, just like paint

Personalized Vehicle Wraps vs. Painting

There is some debate about whether wrapping or painting is the more costly option. It’s a difficult question to answer since both methods vary greatly depending on the materials used and the quality of the work. If you’re in the market for a quick paint job, it will most likely be cheaper than a wrap.

However if you’re planning on a professional paint job as most of our luxury car clients do, you have probably already researched the multiple step process.Having your car properly sanded, primed, and painted, is fairly costly: A vehicle wrap could be far less. Further, it’s our understanding your car is out of commission for a few weeks while it’s painted. So, add in the cost of a rental car, too. If cost isn’t as much of a concern as the quality of the finished look, keep in mind that professional vehicle wrap installation can create a virtually seamless look.

The other advantage that vehicle wrapping has over painting is flexibility. When properly taken care of, a wrap can last for five years, which is likely longer than the shelf life of that cheap, quicky paint job you were considering. When you’re ready to have the wrap removed, it comes off easily and with no damage to the car underneath. This gives you the option of switching the look of your car as often as you like without creating permanent regrets.

Leased vehicle wraps:

We’ve mentioned the benefits of matte black wraps for exotic and classic cars, but what about those of us who haven’t yet found the ride of our dreams? Wraps are perfect for people who are leasing vehicles and interested in a change of pace. If you’re looking to stand out on the road, but don’t want to violate your lease agreement, a vehicle wrap is the solution to your problems. Since a wrap lasts up to five years, it’s the perfect candidate to have a matte black wrap installed at the beginning of your lease agreement.

The Kranken Signs  Process:

At Kranken Signs Vehicle Wraps, you can rest assured that we’ll use premium materials and a professional team of installers. We take pride in our collaborative, communicative approach, and will do everything in our power to make sure that you’re happy with your personal or matte black vehicle wrap.

WE offer two installation facilities centrally located in the Charlotte and Pineville areas, we make it it easy accessible for you. If you’re located elsewhere in the area and still want the Kranken Signs Vehicle Wrap touch, you can take advantage of our national network of installers.